Love in a Digital Age

from by Redrum Triumph

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I hate text messaging


Love, could I write you a letter
Love, could I say, this digital age
Gets me cold, I'll put on a sweater
Thanks love, I'm feeling much better
I know lovely you would not love a letter
The cons in the text
in so many letters or less
Where's love? it's anybody's guess

Love, could I sing you a song
A hook on the chorus
three verse hang upon
and you could stop me love
if I start carrying on
if I'm losing the point
and my hymn is getting long

Thats love in the digital age
But I won't type it out
I'll rip out the page
Safe in my pocket
When I'm up on the stage
No love in the chorus
We all might as well say

boom bah bah

In the digital age, Love's just a word
I can't be fooled by your eyes
Or the song of some bird
I'm not pronouncing, my love
There could be any stronger verb
I'm not crazy love
I'm just lost at your curb

That's love in the digital way
Maybe my love she would love another name
But I'm so sorry love
It's what the song said to say
And when my skin hit these strings
This is what they tell me to play

boom bah bah

So ttyl sweet belle
We're talking so small
How you doin'
Love, I'm swell
But if I was broken down
Love, could you even tell

Or will you msg me
omg pls
L after L
Well, oh well

Love, could I scream out my lungs
Sing it so loud
Love I won't be unsung
You can ask me love
I'll just say "because"
If I get too close love this is what my heart does
It goes

boom bah bah


from Exhibit A, released March 2, 2013
Recorded live at the Owl in Lethbridge

Written by Steven Foord

Steven Foord: Vocals, Guitar
Kelsey Jespersen: Vocals, Violin



all rights reserved


Redrum Triumph Lethbridge, Alberta

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